September 23, 2009

Super Slim USB Mouse

It might be interesting for those who are often on the trip because of its almost negligible thickness (107 × 49×10 mm) This Super Slim USB Mouse can also light up a bright green thanks to the LEDs under his body. The resolution is 800dpi, the length of the cable extends up to 70cm and the weight, stood at 45 grams, if the idea will whim you can find it here for just $ 17 (just under 12 euros).

Product Specifications:

Super slim design
Resolution: 800dpi
Capable to be lengthened and shortened on 4 levels
Cable length:
- Min. length: 10cm
- Max. length: 70cm
Super cool green LED
Size: 107*49*10mm
Weight: 45g

Super Slim USB Mouse
USB Retractable Cable

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