November 20, 2009

Megan Fox New York Times Photoshoot Outtakes “Leak”

Wait, I don’t understand. Why didn’t they just use this photo? How is this an outtake?

Some unused shots from Megan’s photo shoot for her NYT magazine pics “accidentally” hit the Internet, a phenomenon that occurs more often with Megan Fox than with any starlet ever before her. Megan Fox’s team needs to do a better job of keeping a lid on her hyper-sexualized photo outtakes or they’re just going to keep causing a sensation on the Internet over and over and over again. And nobody wants that, right?

I’ve gotta say, though, one of Megan’s more redeeming qualities is that she doesn’t pose for pics like this and then run around in interviews like “Why does everybody sexualize me? It’s not fair!” I mean, she owns it, and I gotta respect that. I also don’t think I could do that with my leg, so I respect that, too.

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