October 19, 2009

USB Heated Mug review

Now you can easily warm your coffee or tea with your USB & 12 volt Heated Mug. You can simply use USB Heated Mug’s plug put away into your computers and into your car’s 12V DC power outlet and you can keep a drink warm throughout the day while driving or work in your Computer at your home, car or office. Now you can enjoy your hot coffee or tea whenever you go. It is batter and very comfortable then a USB Mug warmer because the mug has included 12 volt power.

It has a pure stainless steel construction is durable and ensures good insulation while the protective thermostat control maintains a safe temperature. USB Heated Mug is available in two colors one is red and second is blue. You can get more info about USB Heated Mug Here.

Product Information:

Product Name: USB Heated Travel Mug
Item Weight: 2 pounds
Shipping Weight: 2 pounds
Model: PI-198
Brand: Princess International
Size: 16 oz

Price: $19.99

Warranty: 90 Day Excalibur

Product Features:

* Holds up to 16 oz.
* Double stainless-steel construction
* Spill-proof lid
* Comfortable, rubberized handle
* Connects by USB connection (PC or Mac)
* UL approved heat control maintains beverage temperature
* 12V car adapter
* Rubber cap seals input jack for washing
* Fits most drink holders
* Great for Traveling and Everyday Commuting

Product Specification:

* Manufacturer: RoadPro
* UPC: 045464233632
* Product Type: Retail

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