October 12, 2009

Nissan Land Glider: A four-wheeled motorcycle!

Though it rides on four wheels, the Nissan Land Glider leans into corners like a motorcycle. If cars are going to drive (ride?) like bikes in the future, we like the future already!

Nissan claim that the battery-powered Land Glider concept is a car designed for urban mobility. And yet, the Land Glider seats two people one behind the other (rather than one next to the other...) and leans into corners like a motorcycle. It also has handlebars rather than a steering wheel and is barely wider than a Gold Wing (well, almost...), so we think it might qualify as a motorcycle rather than a car.

According to Nissan, the the Land Glider’s electric motors will provide strong, linear acceleration, and its unique suspension/chassis – which lets the vehicle lean into corners like a sportsbike – will provide a whole new driving (riding?) experience. Hmmm.... cool! This is one 'car' we wouldn't mind driving... :-)

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