October 4, 2009

LG W53 Smart Monitor: Fresh Digital Eye

LG W53 Smart Monitor is an excellent LCD monitor designed specifically to give the highest quality with an attractive design and above all enjoy the system that reduces user eyestrain. Works!

LG Smart Monitor – W53 series – is ideal for a diverse range of consumers as people who work there (in particular), but also those who spend hours and hours playing. But it behaves very well for seeing a good film at high resolution. The eyestrain is a serious problem that afflicts those who have / want to spend much time in front of the PC: With this technology, the effect is immediate, thanks to the wide range of customizable settings on the correct brightness.

For example, the feature that sets the backlight AutoBright optimized depending on ambient light and content displayed. Interestingly Cinema Mode which eliminates imperfections in viewing online video such as YouTube, how? Darkening the whole screen except the area occupied by the clip. The screen lights up thanks to proximity sensor as soon as you get closer and reminds us when to break through a timer: 15 minutes every 2 hours.

Aesthetically it is a real piece of hi-tech furniture for the home that fits each style has a fine design and elegant, with a predominance of black and red LED light touch buttons. The sheet includes sizes from 22 “, 23″ like the one we tested and 24”, the maximum resolution is 1920 × 1080p Full HD format 16:9, contrast ratio is 50,000:1 and the response time is 2ms. With video games gives their best, but also with movies is no joke. When you work is comfortable because you can view several windows simultaneously, but will VideoEditor happy programmers. The price is very affordable: from € 199.00 for 22 “to € 269.00 for 24″.

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