October 19, 2009

Amazing microscope photography that will make you say wow!

Here’s a collection of incredible microscopic images of plant, insects, 3D-body shots and some other stuff. Pictures are incredible since they have both scientific and artistic qualities. Enjoy!

Red blood cells (50 pics)

Split end of human hair

Purkinje neurons. Some of the largest 100 billion neurons in your brain. This cells are master of motor coordination in the cerebellar cortex.

Hair cell in the ear

Blood vessels emerging from the optic nerve

Tongue with taste bud

Tooth plaque

Blood clot

Alveoli in the lung

Lung cancer cells

Villi of small intestine

Human egg with coronal cells

Sperm on the surface of a human egg

Human embryo and sperm. It’s five days after the fertilization of an egg, with some remaining sperm cells still sticking around.

Coloured image of a 6-day-old human embryo implanting

It is the male sex organ of a flowering plant

Fluorescent actin protein filaments

Pleurosigma (marine diatoms)

Double transgenic mouse embryo, 18.5 days

Mouse colon

Muscoid fly (house fly)

Quantum dot nanocrystals deposited on a silicon substrate

Filamentous actin and microtubules (structural proteins) in mouse fibroblasts (cells)

Sagittal section of rat cerebellum

Fresh water rotifer feeding among debris

Avicennia marina (mangrove) leaf

Newt lung cell in mitosis (5 different structures)

Endothelial cells

Mouse fibroblasts

Doxorubin in methanol and dimethylbenzenesulfonic acid

Larva of Pleuronectidae

Cross-section of very young beech

Fossil Fusulinids in limestone

10-year old preparation of barbital, fenacetine, valium and acetic acid

Polyurethane elastic fiber bundle

Crystals evaporated from solution of magnesium sulfate and tartaric acid

Multiple exposure of a knitting machine needle

Gold residue and gold-coated bubbles in glassy matrix

Crystals of influenza virus neuraminidase isolated from terns

Live water mount of Hydra viridissima capturing Daphnia pulex

Formalin-fixed whole mount of a spiral nematode, multiple exposure

Inclusions of goethite and hematite in Brazilian agate

Suctorian attached to stalk of red algae, encircled by ring of diatoms

Silverberry scaly hair whole mount

Collapsed bubbles from an annealed experimental electronic sealing glass

Larvacean within its feeding structure dyed with red organic carmine which the larvacean syphoned in while filter feeding

Stalked protozoan attached to a filamentous green algae with bacteria on its surface

Gold, vaporized in a tungsten boat, in a vacuum evaporator

Crystals of rutile (titanium dioxide) and tridymite (a polymorph of quartz) in a cobalt-rich glass

An ant's foot

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