September 16, 2009

Sony Expands S-Series Walkman Further With S640, S740 Series

Sony has confirmed our additional S-Series leak we posted recently with the introduction of the new NW-S640 (left) and NW-S740 (right) Walkman music players. These Walkman both have a 2.0 inch LCD, and the for the first time this generation the ability to output its display to TV at 720×480 (SD) resolution.

One of the major features of the S740 series is noise canceling (non-digital), while both have expected things such as FM radio, Clear bass, Clear Stereo, and DSEE to color your sound. There is also word of lyric display, and playback speed control for those learning languages. We are also very pleased to report Sony is bundling the MDR-EX300SL earphones with this device.

The NW-S740 series comes in black, gold, green, violet, and has 8GB (NW-S744, Y16,000), 16GB (NW-S745, Y19,000), and 32GB (NW-S746, Y25,000) capacities. Sony Japan is also selling a S740 Walkman and matching color speaker bundle, known as the NW-S744K (Y19,000) and NW-S745K (Y22,000).

The only difference between the Sony S640 and S740 Walkman lines, other than the colors, is that the S640 doesn’t have noise canceling. The NW-S644 (8GB, Y14,000) and NW-645 (16GB, Y17,000) also have included speaker bundles – NW-S644K (Y17,000) and NW-S645K (Y20,000).

The 8GB units will be available first on October 10th, while the others will arrive later that month on the 28th.

Battery life is pretty epic at 42 hours for music (128kbps mp3), and 10 hours video (384kbps MPEG-4). Codec support looks like MP3, WMA, AAC, HE-AAC, ATRAC, ATRAC AL, PCM/wav. I assume ATRAC support will probably be limited to Japan, but we are not sure yet. For movies, the usual AVC (H2.64), MPEG-4 and WMV are allowed.

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