September 10, 2009

Porsche Design's 135-Foot Catamaran Megayacht for Royal Falcon Fleet

Unlike its automotive counterpart which keeps making its cars bigger and bigger, Porsche Design tends to keep things small. The product design division of the German automaker turns its talents on everything from mobile phones and watches to clothing and luggage. But this time they're thinking a bit bigger. A lot bigger, actually.

We brought you initial information about the company's impending collaboration with Singapore's Royal Falcon Fleet ship yard last year when it was still in the embryonic stage. But design work has now been completed and construction has started on the impressive 135-foot catamaran megayacht.

The twin-hull design gives the RFF135 a wide beam and unrivaled stability without displacing as much water as a conventional design, while providing a massive 472 square meters of interior floorspace and 208 square meters of deck space, more than enough to accommodate 10 guests and 10 crew.

Twin MTU V16 turbodiesel engines each produce an unfathomable 4600 horsepower, enough to keep the vessel at a theoretical 35-knot top speed and making it the most powerful vehicle of any kind Porsche has ever designed. Feast your eyes on the gallery of images below for all the angles.

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