September 26, 2009

PCRides launches Dodge Charger SRT8 desktop computer

It would be understandable, should you be lucky enough to occupy your driveway with a Dodge Charger SRT8, that the car would occupy your thoughts more often than something more bland. For high-style computing, many turn to the folks at Apple, but that's just one design direction. PC Rides has an altogether different number cruncher for those of you with a browsing history full of automotive websites.

No, it doesn't have a Hemi, but the PC Rides Charger SRT8 computer uses an Intel Core2Duo processor packed inside a unique form factor. The front bumper hides the tray for the optical drive, and out back are all the gozintas and gosoutas, which cover most bases with DVI, HDMI, six USB ports, audio, network, and VGA.

As you'd hope, appropriate SRT colors are available – no beige box here – and prices range from $1850 to $2495, depending on the level of performance you desire. The headlights fire up when the computer is on, and when the hard drive is moving data, the taillights flash, which might get annoying fast.

Call it silly, but since it's an official Dodge licensed product, Chrysler calls it cash flow. Head on over to PC Rides to check out all the details, or check out the company's Facebook page instead. Gallery below, official press release posted after the jump.

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