September 16, 2009

Battle at Kruger - Amazing video of lions

What you are about to see if one of the most amazing amateur videos ever captured. Taken by David Budzinski in 2004 this video shows the way wildlife interacts on a primal level. Survival is the key to life on it's most basic level. Taken into consideration this moment in time is probably a common occurrence in the wild. To be able to witness survival like this is truly a once in a lifetime moment. Take a moment to realize that this is how life really is for wild animals on the African savannah. Watch until the end and see how this scene plays out. From certain death to tug of war to triumph - truly an animal kingdom moment for the ages.

Keep your cameras rolling. You never know when something as unique and exciting will happen in front of your lens. Videographers around the world wait for years to capture amazing footage. This is one of the most viral videos on the web. Forward this to your friends. It is truly one lucky Cape Buffalo that triumphs in the end.
The spectacular video was voted the winner of You Tube's Best Eyewitness Video. Just think of the possibilities...It could happen to anyone. The price of video cameras and even HD video cameras is dropping. I personally take a Nikon D50 with me whereever I go plus a small Sony video camera just in case. Why? Years ago on a family vacation at Yosemite National Park in California we came across a black bear with two cubs. As the crowd scattered when the bears came through the area we were in I snapped a few photographs with my trusty Vivitar camera. Unfortunately the film was lost by the processor and we never got to see the images. Now I am fully prepared.
In 2007 on a trip to Sequoia National Park we witnessed a traffic jam on the narrow road that leads to Morro Rock caused by people trying to take photos of a black bear. The scene was pure chaos. The shuttle bus we were riding on was manned by a park employee. Once it became clear that the bear was not leaving and nobody was moving their cars he called for rangers. The scene was unreal. Visitors from all over the world were scrambling to get a good photo of the bear and completely disregarding their safety and the safety of others. The motto here is stay in your car, keep moving. Or better yet, take a shuttle and reduce traffic in the national parks.

It's a fact of the 21st century. Cameras are everywhere and someone is always looking to get the next great thing on video.

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