August 24, 2009

Candy World Adventure The Fate of Lillians Tome I 1.01

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows Vista, Windows XP
Date added: August 20, 2009
Total Downloads: 539
Downloads last week: 18

Publisher's description:

With currently 16 levels, this game will only have one player. The game starts at Candy's House in Dogs heaven, also named Candy World because it's full of Candy and surprises. Toopy has lost his ball again: You must find it in order to learn the pathway to save all Lillians. After having meet up with the first boss, Candy learn that she must save the Lillians, little creatures populating Candy World and able to do magic. They have been kidnapped by Doctor Picpic who dresses them to serve him against humanity. Candy is the main character of this 2D platformer and must make the impossible to defeat Doctor Picpic.

Version 1.01 has 16 worlds, a new house, two temples, all weapons and attacks from CW Tome II and more challenges.

Download Now (32.06MB)

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