August 18, 2009

African Wild Life.

Wildlife pictures : 14 pictures of African wildlife . wildlife photography is not that much easy as other photography – coz we have to develop skills to understand animals and make a perfect shot . it needs field crafting skills and knowing the animal behavior he or she has to work on . some wildlife pictures can be taken moving along with them but pictures of some wildlife has to taken in a hidden way – the below set of wildlife pictures are from Jim Zuckerman

cheetah licking his paws on a tree – sunset evening

Fox having his brench

group of zebras grazing in Africa – bright sun background .

giraffe having comfort on his back

Two African elephants returning back at sunset

cheetah licking his cub you know cheetah cant roar

clouded leopard pictures

cheetah targeting on prey

lions are color blind – so they get confused when catching a zebra

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