August 27, 2009

6 Hilarious Curtain Designs

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ASCII Curtain

It looks like a silhouette of a a tree – a beautiful image for your home but it is really just a printed design of ASCII

Flexible Electronic Curtain

which is in fact 2 plastic panel with liquid crystal molecules in between which once activated will "blind" this windows and make it impossible de see trough, this system is available in different colors.

Psycho shower Curtain

Psycho has a huge fan base and that’s likely to get bigger still with these ‘Bloody Serial Killer Shower Curtain.’ The clichéd and much feared killer-behind-the-curtain gets an appropriate tribute with this very amusing vinyl

Magnetic Curtain

A curtain which you can shape to any form", magnets embedded in the curtain fabric allow the user to shape the curtain innumerable ways, both open and closed.

Educational Shower Curtains

Educational Shower Curtains. Curtains currently available include French Vocabulary, Spanish Vocabulary, Geography, Maths and The Periodic Table. Scrub ‘n’ Learn indeed.

Interesting curtain make your house bigger

Interesting curtain make your house bigger. The3D pattern curtain, it not only gives the functions of curtain, but also can effectively develop a sense of interior space

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