July 26, 2009

Samsung SMX K-Series Camcorder

The new range of Samsung cameras SMX K-series will debut early in the Korean market and then poured into the global economy. Their goal is to give the opportunity to film in HD so easy with menu-essential internal and automatisms galore.

Samsung K40-SMX, and SMX-44 SMX-K45 actually record video in standard definition and then make an upscale closer to full-HD when you cover the clip via HDMI to an HDTV or a monitor. The lenses are excellent with a super Intelli-65x Zoom, there is no optical image stabilizer and flash memory. SMX-K45 mounts 32 GB Solid State Drive for 20 hours and 40 minutes of shot, K44 has 16GB SSD while K40 leans on SD / SDHC card.

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