July 26, 2009

Partner Yoga Pose: Reverse Bat to Front Walkover

If you love practicing yoga on your own, why not practice with a friend? Doing partner yoga allows you to do deeper, more creative, poses since you have the support of someone else. Here' a really fun one to try that doesn't take a lot of flexibility, just a love of being upside down.

For detailed instructions on how to do this acrobatic partner pose keep reading.

* The person on the bottom is called the base and the person on the top is called the flyer. Both men and women are strong enough to be the base and lift their partner, so if you're practicing this pose with a guy, make sure you have a chance to lift him up, too.
* The base begins on her back on the floor with both legs in the air. The flyer stands facing her with her toes close to the base's bum.
* The woman on the bottom bends her knees slightly, and the flyer reaches for the base's feet and places them right below her own hip bones. The base makes sure her heels point in, so her toes can wrap around the flyer's hips.
* Now they hold hands and as the flyer leans into the base's feet, the woman on the bottom straightens her legs, and lifts the flyer into the air. This is called Forward Flying. It's very important that the person on top keep her feet below her hips at first until they find their balance.
* Then they release their hands and the flyer lowers her torso so it's parallel with the base's legs. The flyer's legs should be wide.
* The base then bends her knees out to the side slightly so the flyer can bring her arms, shoulders, and head through the base's legs. The flyer bends her knees and brings the soles of her feet together in Butterfly, and she holds onto her own ankles. This is called Reverse Bat.
* After a few breaths, the base brings her palms to the base of the flyer's spine. The flyer holds the base's heels and then brings her legs into split position. The flyer then arches her back and reaches her foot to the floor as the base gives a little push and helps the flyer stand up.
* Now it's time to switch roles and let the base fly and the flyer support.

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